Cheap Aquarium Canister Filters – Do they exist?


It’s perhaps the best kept secret in the aquarium hobby.  Inexpensive, high-quality canister filters do indeed exist.  Sunsun is a somewhat obscure company that makes cheap aquarium gear.  While browsing a bunch of popular aquarium forums, I ran into some reviews of Sunsun’s aquarium canister filters.

Even though this company is like many overseas companies selling off-brand stuff to US consumers, they actually are the factor that makes a lot of components for popular aquarium filters like Fluval, Eheim and Marineland. Sunsun’s canister filters have an enormous media capacity which means they can filter aquariums with much less gph flow than other filters.

The smaller filters in the 300 series can handle tanks up to 75 gallons, yet the filters start around $35 dollars on Amazon.  There are even some models available with built-in UV lights.  I don’t think any of their stuff goes over 100 bucks.  If you’re looking for a canister filter bargain, you might want to consider Sunsun.
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