This Happened: My Double-Sided ‘Scape

I have been putting off making any updates to this site for a while now as I was planning on moving.  I knew that I was downsizing and I thought I might use my 60 gallon planted tank as a room divider in my new place.


Sure enough, that’s exactly what ended up happening.  It’s kind of weird seeing it so barren after it spending most of its life as an overgrown jungle tank.


Right now, things are a little sparse in there, but the plants will grow in and fill out giving it a little more full of an appearance.  I’m hoping I’ll get those microswords to carpet on the “front” side of the tank while the taller plants grow up into the middle and back of the tank.


I also owe you all a post on how to move an aquarium like this one.  I swear I’ll get it written soon.  Until then the “after” pictures will just have to do.

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