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Cheap Aquarium Seeds Update

I’ve started posting my experiment with cheap aquarium plant seeds direct from china.  I posted about the first and second days previously to show my progress.  It’s been a few days so I’ve lost track for this update.

A lot of seeds were lost due to them floating up and/or being consumed by my angelfish who seem to love these things.  The ones that did stay have started growing in nice little clumps.


There’s been a problem, however.  The roots don’t seem to hold well to the gravel, so the individual plants have a habit of breaking loose and floating to the top.  They sort of resemble duckweed, which might explain a lot.

Also, it turns out my angels really like to nibble on the grown plants as well.  That doesn’t help with them coming unrooted.

Previously, I mentioned that my gravel bed is pretty shallow, so this can be part of why things aren’t staying put.  Thankfully you get way too many seeds in one of these little bags, so I’ve started replanting.

This time, i did things differently.  I still used the gel capsule method.  After I planted each gel cap, I added a small hand full of extra gravel in a mound over the planting spot.

The new seeds haven’t sprouted yet, but, there’s a lot less seed “leakage” than the first time I tried this.  I remain optimistic, but time will tell.  Stay tuned for further updates.

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Moai Combines Laziness, Photography

Do you hate scraping algae and crud off your aquarium glass?  Do you also wish you had a little robot that could take video of your aquarium whenever you wanted?  You may be in for a treat in the very near future.

I actually saw an ad for Moai on Facebook today, and it looks really interesting.   Basically, the Moai is a robot algae scraper. Even cooler, there’s a built in wi-fi video camera that will capture the awesomeness that is your aquarium at 1080p

The device uses ultrasound to map out the surface of your glass so it actually gets all the spots.  Unlike me, I always find I missed a huge chunk when I’m done cleaning the glass.

Since it’s web connected you can gawk at your tank anywhere you want.  Pretty cool, right?

There are a few things to think about, however.  First is this isn’t something you can go out and buy.  It’s supposed to be a kickstarter project, but I’ve been unable to find the project.

That also means there’s no guarantee this device will leave the world of neat concept videos for store shelves. There is a link to sign up for notification at

And then, there’s the second issue.  Price.  While no pricing is out yet, I did see that early adopters can save 100 dollars.  That means the actual product will cost multiple hundred dollars.

Still, I’m quite interested to see how this gizmo pans out.

And to my new friends at Moai Devices, I’ll be happy to write an unbiased review if you wanna slip me an early release model.

Until then, I’ll drool over the videos on the Moai site.