Cheap Aquarium Plant Seeds Test Day 1

I've decided to evaluate the usefulness of aquarium plant seeds imported from overseas.  These can be had inexpensively, so I think they may be a good addition to the store. I tried some before and they actually did germinate and turn into plants, but they floated to the top of the water and were eventually … Continue reading Cheap Aquarium Plant Seeds Test Day 1

Build! 4o Gallon Reef Tank

The siren call of the sea, the peaceful reef environment.  It was bound to happen to me eventually.  The call to build a saltwater reef aquarium. Don't get me wrong, I love my big planted tank.  But, I thought maybe it was time for a new challenge, and I just happened to have the perfect … Continue reading Build! 4o Gallon Reef Tank

This Happened: My Double-Sided ‘Scape

I have been putting off making any updates to this site for a while now as I was planning on moving.  I knew that I was downsizing and I thought I might use my 60 gallon planted tank as a room divider in my new place. Sure enough, that's exactly what ended up happening.  It's … Continue reading This Happened: My Double-Sided ‘Scape

Cat aquarium balancing act

Dedicated Aquarium Stands: Goood

If you read my previous build article on my 29 gallon creek tank, you may have noticed I took a shortcut in the aquarium furniture department. I warned against doing so, but I kind of learned the hard way to take my own advice. No, the fish tank didn't come crashing down in a tidal … Continue reading Dedicated Aquarium Stands: Goood

Up Aqua atomizer is tiny

Hands-on with the UP Aqua Inline CO2 Atomizer

The U.P. Aqua CO2 atomizer is a tiny gizmo to inject CO2 into your planted tank. It works with a canister filter and pressurized CO2. I recently purchased the U.P. Aqua CO2 Atomizer to replace my no-name internal CO2 diffuser.  I chose the UP because it had good reviews on Amazon, and I wanted something … Continue reading Hands-on with the UP Aqua Inline CO2 Atomizer

Cheap Aquarium Canister Filters – Do they exist?

It's perhaps the best kept secret in the aquarium hobby.  Inexpensive, high-quality canister filters do indeed exist.  Sunsun is a somewhat obscure company that makes cheap aquarium gear.  While browsing a bunch of popular aquarium forums, I ran into some reviews of Sunsun's aquarium canister filters. Even though this company is like many overseas companies … Continue reading Cheap Aquarium Canister Filters – Do they exist?