Review – Lee’s Countercurrent Skimmer

Protein skimmers are a necessary but often expensive part of marine reef aquarium keeping.  Good models can cost hundreds of dollars. Being on a tight budget, I decided to try out a more wallet-friendly solution, the Lee's counter-current Skimmer. Skimmers, for the most part, have the same basic functionality.  The devices use a mist of … Continue reading Review – Lee’s Countercurrent Skimmer

Cheap Aquarium Canister Filters – Do they exist?

It's perhaps the best kept secret in the aquarium hobby.  Inexpensive, high-quality canister filters do indeed exist.  Sunsun is a somewhat obscure company that makes cheap aquarium gear.  While browsing a bunch of popular aquarium forums, I ran into some reviews of Sunsun's aquarium canister filters. Even though this company is like many overseas companies … Continue reading Cheap Aquarium Canister Filters – Do they exist?